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A data scientist’s job hunt visualised

Sankey diagrams show the flow through a system, where the width of the bands is proportional to the flow quantity. The diagrams are named after Captain Matthew Henry Phineas Riall Sankey. In 1898, Sankey created a diagram showing the energy efficiency of a steam engine.
The widths of the bands showed the gas, electric and coal energy flowing through the system. Charles Minard’s map of Napoleon’s Russia Campaign of 1812 predates Sankey‘s diagram, and uses the same technique to show the disastrous losses of troops suffered with the gradually thinning bands.
For most of us, job hunting involves casting a wide net of multiple online applications, followed by phone interviews, in-person interviews, offers, and eventual acceptance of a single offer. The flow of activity in a job hunt is ideal for visualisation with a Sankey diagram. I used the online tool SankeyMATIC to create the image below. The data was sourced from my own recent job hunt. The time period between my first application and final acceptance was three and a half weeks. You can click on the diagram below to expand it to full-size.